Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cedarville Rising from the Ashes?

I dare not imagine how difficult the situation at Cedarville must be for the faculty, staff and administration. They have all faced some withering scrutiny and some hard, but necessary questions.

President Brown has taken some tremendous steps to stabilizing Cedarville's reputation. At the website, Brown has posted the university's responses to a number of the allegations that have surfaced.

There appear to be some deep divisions within Cedarville's faculty. It would be good to know that these rifts are beginning to heal. In particular, it would be strongly affirming to hear a member of the Coalition of the Concerned come forward to address the observations that they previously made concerning the university.

I've attempted to contact a number of my former instructors, but to date, none have responded.

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Raymond said...

The Board of Trustees, in their last meeting, adopted an "executive
summary" to their Truth and Certainty statement. The summary now includes the words "wholly
certain." If this is so, why then
does the uhiversity continue to
employ the "less than certainty"
Raymond Bartholomew,57 faculty emeritus