Saturday, August 30, 2008

Unrest Continues at Cedarville

In a post that I wrote in April, I noted that I had not received any communication from my old instructors at Cedarville who were a part of the Coalition of the Concerned. That has changed.

Unfortunately, the news is not good. Because I have not secured the faculty member's permission to reveal their identity, I will not divulge all of the details of our dialogue.

More of the conservative faculty have been pushed out of Cedarville and a lawsuit against President Brown has been filed in Dayton's courts. The Coalition members were placed under a gag order. Members of the Bible department were effectively shunned and were not included in university or departmental meetings.

The Cedarville administration appears to have used strong-arm tactics to squelch dissent in the name of preserving "academic freedom."

The Coalition has published an incipient website at