Saturday, January 26, 2008

Atheist, Why Does Christianity Matter?

I visited Ray Comfort's blog and came upon his article entitled "Atheists Evolved from Chickens". At the time that I visited there were 74 comments. Most of the comments were from angered atheists who are militantly trying to stomp out Christianity.

Atheist, why does my belief in Christ matter to you? In a universe without an objective center, why does it matter if I and the rest of the American Christians are suffering under our God-delusion? Why not leave us alone to welter in our irrationality?

After all, our delusion must be just as good as your delusion. In your delusion, there is no absolute truth, no reason to cultivate a moral compass, no reason to believe in human significance in such a vast universe, no reason to expect more than a meaningless death at the hands of merciless nature. While Christians deify a Creator God, you deify forces of nature, chance, matter, science and your own intelligence. In your epic, there is no hero. The universe ends not with a bang, but a whimper.

In a world without a center, who is to say that my delusion is more evil than your construct called evolution? The pages of the evolutionary text book need reprinted daily and are obsolete the moment they come off the press. You prize facts and scientific truth, but these "truths" that you hold most dear are ever evolving (and in some cases, pass into extinction). Your journey never ends, your quest is never satiated.

Why does our Christian delusion matter? It matters because God does exist. It matters because you claim to be fighting a shadow, a mistruth, a figment -- but you are actually fighting God Himself. You are a fallen creature, fighting the battle started by your fore bearers when they too tried to win their emancipation.

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Mindy said...

Bro, I love this post, and con su permiso, I'd like to paste some of it into my blog in a few days, with a link here, of course.

I think the whole "tolerance" thing plays into this discussion, as well, although I don't want to detract from the beauty of your main point. (that tolerance is equalivalent to agreement...or at least, the lack of disagreement...)

Love you...have you been able to get into my blog since I went private? I thought I'd sent at least Angel an invite. Let me know...